About Us

Diced Gaming is a new Dutch company with a vision!

Our vision is to create a large exposure to the board and miniature board games and to sell these for an affordable price! Only taking a small marging for our business to cover the costs and leave a small profit for ourselves. So we can invest this in the company again. Growing our product range and working towards our own brick and mortar store!

With this approach we hope that it lowers the threshold as much as possible. Resulting in more people starting with the games and hobby!

In order to support this vision we want to open a store with quite some space for gaming tables and organise game nights, tournaments and matched play. Unfortunatly none of us won the lottery yet, so for now we slowly try to reach our goal, step by step.

We will start our product range with the A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures from CMON and slowly expand as we grow. If you are looking for something we can always check if we can order it and at what price so feel free to contact us!

We hope you want to support us by shopping at Diced Gaming and refer us to your friends and family!

Diced Gaming
Postbus 162, 2270AD, Voorburg, The Netherlands
KvK nummer: 71781927