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Targaryen Dothraki Screamers: A Song Of Ice and Fire

Targaryen Dothraki Screamers: A Song Of Ice and Fire

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Dothraki Screamers make up for their lack of armor with superior skill. While western cavalry rely on leather and steel to absorb blows in close melee, Dothraki horsemen, who have spent much of their lives in the saddle, can anticipate and evade an enemy's heaviest strokes. This is not to say even Dothraki cavalry should engage in a protracted melee, but westerners confident in their superior arms will find the Dothraki Screamers difficult threats to counter by raw force alone. In addition, their experience with their personal mounts allow the Dothraki to enjoy unmatched maneuverability, even on a chaotic, raging battlefield.

4 Miniatures
1 Unit Card
1 Movement Tray


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